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  1. Don’t know when I will be posting agaon

    If ever

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  2. Master things

    When I’m his number 1 everything
    Girl, priority, person to talk to ect
    Just a simple one today but its something special to me

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  3. No story tonight and pup won’t be posting much tomorrow, ill write master things now but yeah sowwie
    Love you guys

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  4. Me when I hear master message me

    Me when I hear master message me

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  5. dancing-for-daddy:




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  7. Sir has gone out and pup is all lonely

    But it’s okay because when he gets back he said I get a story which I can’t wait for
    I hope he lets me know if he can come round though I need to know in case pup needs to clean her room

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  8. Master things

    When master and I watch things together, even when we are apart he and I watch the same things and talk about them online
    I love it so much 💕

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  9. photo




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